Dress Code


White or red for the top and black for the bottoms


  • solid white or red collared polo or collared shirt, blouse or turtleneck
  • the shirt may be either long or short sleeve
  • no logos permitted
  • all shirts except polo shirts must be tucked in


  • solid black cotton, corduroy pants or sweat pants, skirt, skort or dress
  • solid black or white tights to be worn under skirt, skort or dress during cold weather
  • shorts of any colour may be worn during warm weather
  • no leggings, form-fitting yoga-style pants, nylon warm-up suit pants or jeans of any kind permitted


Solid red, black or white sweater, cardigan or sweat-shirt

Physical Education Clothing

Not a part of the Standardized Dress Code

Running Shoes

Not a part of the Standardized Dress Code. All students must have two pairs of non-marking soled shoes (indoor/outdoor).